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Special Pricing Information

ALWAYS include E&I contract number EANDI2006 on ALL of your purchase orders. This is the only way to guarantee that you receive the correct discounts. Without the contract number, HP cannot assure your member purchases will be accurately reported to E&I.

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E&I’s competitively awarded HP contract provides members with incredible value in terms of discounts, flexibility and accessibility.

This is the only national contract that offers the entire HP portfolio of products and services. That means you have exclusive access to HP’s complete catalog of solutions and professional services. Unlike many state contracts, there are no limitations.

This contract includes:

  • PSG (Desktops & Notebooks)
  • EB (Servers & Storage)
  • IPG (Printers, Consumables, Managed Print Services)
  • Big Deal Pricing
  • Software Licensing
  • HP Networking
  • Reseller Pass Through

Free & Easy Online Access
We understand how important it is for you to get what you need quickly and easily. With that in mind, we’ve made online ordering through this contract available via a number of different vehicles.

The best part is, each of these options is offered at no additional cost.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs
No two institutions want the same things out of a supplier. This contract provides you with the flexibility to meet your institution’s specific needs.

Already working with a reseller? No Problem. You can continue to work with your current reseller and still access this incredible contract pricing.

Want to add a new product to the contract? That’s easy too. The contract will be amended quickly by both HP and E&I. ALL products and services that HP manufacturers and sells are accepted through this contract vehicle.

Again, always remember to include E&I contract number EANDI2006 on ALL of your purchase orders.

HP is available as part of E&I's SciQuest and ESM Solutions offerings.

Effective November 1, 2015, HP will separate into two industry-leading public companies. Read more.