The Amazon Effect

The Amazon Effect: Seamlessly Navigate Campus Shipments

Presented by Pitney Bowes | Co-sponsored by E&I Cooperative

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The rise of e-commerce has placed a burden on higher education mail centers to manage incoming and outgoing packages and parcels. E-commerce and Amazon’s reach has only exacerbated this problem.

Over the next 4 years, this trend is forecasted to grow from 5-10% annually. College and university mail centers continue to struggle to keep up with the volume, along with the amount of care packages sent from home.

What can your institution do to meet this rising need?
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To meet the challenges of today’s world of commerce and take control of inbound and outbound package and parcels, mail centers are now turning towards technology solutions. Learn first-hand how others have overcome the challenges of the Amazon Effect using today’s innovations.

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The Amazon Effect
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