Christina Lo

Christina serves as the Director of Strategic Sourcing and Contracts at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has over a decade of experience within MIT that includes strategic procurement, commercial contracting, financial risk management, and other business advisory services. Christina is deeply committed to supporting and protecting the needs of the MIT community by delivering tangible value and benefits through the Institute’s purchasing activities. She leads the development and implementation of strategies that leverage the Institute’s annual buying power to deliver the best results for the wide range of products and services across a multitude of business sectors that are required by the MIT community – all in service of its research and educational mission. Christina is a strong advocate for mission driven spend and maintains a robust and diverse portfolio of commercial relationships that serve the dynamic needs of MIT.

Before joining MIT, Christina worked at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York where she was responsible for commercial contracts and intellectual property matters. Prior to that, she practiced as a commercial litigation attorney. Christina received her BA in English and Psychology from Georgetown University and holds a law degree from The University of Law in London.