Michael LaGrassa (NAEP Liaison)

E&I Board

Michael LaGrassa was appointed the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services in August of 2007, where he is responsible for managing Procurement, Receiving, Property Control and Risk Management associated with business continuity.

Previously, he was employed by General Dynamics C4S as Supply Chain Manager supporting General Dynamics Information Systems division. At General Dynamics he was co-chair of their Strategic Sourcing Team tasked to identify strategic partners across the enterprise to leverage spend to drive down associated acquisition costs. Prior to General Dynamics he was employed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Massachusetts Higher Educational Consortium as Assistant Purchasing Manager and Contracts Manager, respectively.

Mr. LaGrassa has sat both at the regional and national level on the Board of Directors for National Association of Educational Buyers NE and NAEP. He currently is the Treasure of NAEP National. He is also the 2005 recipient of NAEP’s Professional Perspective Award and General Dynamics’ 2006 Supply Chain Excellence Award. Mr. LaGrassa is a two-time graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst receiving a BS and MBA.