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Student Satisfaction & Rising Costs Threaten Higher Ed Institutions

Today’s higher ed institutions continue to battle enormous financial challenges, strained resources, and persistent negative perceptions. This infographic illustrates how procurement is well-positioned to have a profound impact on controlling spend and improving the financial sustainability of an institution.

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Developing a Scientific Contracting Strategy

5 Things to Consider When Developing Your Scientific Contracting Strategy

Like any scientific venture, major decisions—especially financial—require thorough research, planning, and strategy for successful implementation. Before you begin developing a contracting strategy for your scientific purchases, consider these key points recommended by Laura Perin, Vice President of E&I’s Scientific Category.

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Why Use Cooperative Contracts

5 Reasons Why You Should be Using Cooperative Contracts And Two Things You May Be Wrong About – by Tom Fitzgerald, CEO

Given the financial pressure today’s higher ed institutions are facing, collaborative purchasing efforts are more important than ever before. Many institutions don’t realize just how much a purchasing cooperative can help with the procurement process. Cooperatives leverage the combined purchasing volume from many different entities, thereby increasing the purchasing power...

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Procurement Optimization

Achieving Financial Sustainability through Procurement Optimization; As Revenues Continue to be Challenged, Higher Ed Institutions Must Focus on Controlling Costs – by Tom Fitzgerald, CEO

As the financial pressure in higher education continues to mount, and revenues continue to be challenged, all higher ed institutions are being forced to look internally to find effective ways to save. The safety net once provided by state funds, appropriations, gifts, high returns and tuition increases have been ripped...

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How to Give IT Credibility in the C-suite. It isn’t easy changing the C-suite’s view that IT is a “utility” but you can do it over time. – by Keith Fowlkes, Vice President, E&I Technology Category

During my 26-year career in higher education as a technology leader, I often felt as if my teams and I were viewed by faculty and administrators as highly-skilled... plumbers. Not that there is anything bad about being a highly-skilled plumber at all but you don’t think of a plumber as...

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