E&I is your Cooperative, and your participation in member contracts offers many benefits. Not only can you take advantage of considerable cost-saving opportunities, you can also share in the Cooperative’s overall financial success.

E&I’s Board of Directors authorizes the Cooperative to pay out a percentage of the company’s net income, if any, in the form of patronage. The amount distributed to each member is based upon each institution’s relative contributions to the Cooperative’s gross income.

E&I Patronage

E&I Patronage: 2016

Due to a loss incurred in 2016, there will be no patronage refund for 2016, though we anticipate that the 2017 results will provide the possibility of a patronage refund for 2017.

More Information

For a detailed explanation of how patronage is calculated for each institution, please read our patronage brochure. If you have any further questions, please contact Anita Lipsky, E&I’s Associate Director of Contract Accounting, at