Board of Directors Election

E&I Cooperative Services is seeking to fill three open positions on its Board of Directors.  E&I is seeking a new director for the three positions formerly held by:

  • Bill Elvey, Children’s Health System
  • Judy Mitchell, Joliet Junior College
  • Christopher Rust, Connecticut College

E&I believes our Board should be reflective of our member community and the diversity of individuals and institutions within that community. E&I is committed to ensuring that the broad range of perspectives from such diverse individuals and institutions is represented on the Board.  All submitted applications shall be reviewed and considered by the E&I Nominating Committee.

E&I is seeking candidates with strong experience in strategic sourcing with demonstrated experience in leadership, strategic planning, data analytics and eProcurement. We desire candidates who would represent the following segments of the Cooperative’s membership:

  • Small and medium private institutions
  • Small and medium public institutions
  • Large private institutions

Further, we desire, but do not require, candidates who would represent the members in Districts I, IV and V.