Delivery, Mail, & Freight



eShipGlobal is a web-based shipping solution provider that offers seamless access to shipping and freight management across campus. eShipGlobal’s turnkey multi-carrier solution is deployable across departments, helping users manage inbound and outbound shipments, enhance export and hazmat shipping compliance, and automate billing, audit, and invoicing processes. The solution compares various carriers and mail classes, costs, and transit times to allow users to select a preferred shipping method. Its robust, data-driven reporting module has filtering and...

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Pitney Bowes Shipping & Mailing Contract

Pitney Bowes – Shipping & Mailing

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company offering innovative solutions that enable growth. As a 96 year old company, Pitney Bowes is creating exciting new solutions that work in both the physical and digital world. Combining the strength of Pitney Bowes portfolio, these solutions deliver even greater client value and help clients operate more efficiently. Intelligent Locker Solutions Intelligent Lockers from Pitney Bowes are a sophisticated, easy-to-use solution designed to provide secure, unattended shipment deliveries....

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