Guest Supply

A part of Guest Worldwide (a subsidiary of Sysco Foods), Guest Supply has been fulfilling the needs of the hospitality industry for over 40 years, providing better selections, quality products, and fast delivery.   Guest Supply offers E&I members a complete spectrum of products and solutions for every area on campus, including student housing, administrative offices, meeting and conference facilities, and dining spaces. Their offering includes over 30,000 quality products including bath and bed linens, mattresses, personal care...

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Moving Minds

Moving Minds is dedicated to helping increase physical activity in the classroom by providing kinesthetic and active furniture. While the health benefits of physical activity are well documented, there is a growing body of research documenting its positive association with academic performance and the ability to learn. That’s where Moving Minds comes in. E&I members not only benefit from a portfolio of institutional-quality furniture solutions such as seating, desks, fidget busters, and classroom accessories, but...

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Since 1979, Jonti-Craft has been the leading manufacturer of children’s furniture to create spaces that engage, inspire, and protect young learners. Their high quality, innovative products and solutions are designed to last a lifetime. Jonti-Craft’s portfolio includes more than 4,000 handcrafted and unique pieces across multiple brands and product categories. From small centers and libraries to special learning areas and classrooms of all sizes, Jonti-Craft furnishes great learning spaces. Contract Highlights: Comprehensive selection of educational...

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