Healthcare Products & Services


Safe Health Systems

Safe Health Systems (SHS) is a healthcare technology software company. Operated in partnership with Mayo Clinic, SHS delivers a HIPAA-compliant turnkey solution that synchronizes multiple workstreams into autonomous protocols for self-reporting symptoms, ongoing testing, and adherence reminders. SHS’s revolutionary Digital Health & Connected Diagnostics platform, which can be white labeled, powers HealthCheck®, an employee/student/patient testing and health status verification solution. HealthCheck® is a fully integrated and privacy protecting platform designed to make COVID-19 prevention and...

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Nine Mile Health

Nine Mile Health is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of critical infection prevention solutions to educational institutions, and the only health and wellness supplier focused on serving education. They are trusted for their health, safety, and reliability with a growing portfolio of U.S. manufactured products. Nine Mile’s complete suite of products includes sanitizers, disinfectant concentrates, antibacterial hand soaps and wipes, dispensing equipment, and critical PPE items such as gowns, masks, and gloves. With a...

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E&I Specialty Underwriters Contract

Specialty Underwriters

Specialty Underwriters is a leading provider of equipment maintenance management programs. E&I's competitively solicited Specialty Underwriters contract offers members a reliable, time-proven approach to managing equipment repairs, reducing operating costs and providing ongoing analysis of measuring equipment reliability and vendor performance through key management reporting. Contract Highlights: One point of contact for any and all equipment maintenance and management issues (including invoicing and payment) Retain your repair/maintenance provider of choice. Specialty Underwriters will contact these companies...

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