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Carahsoft Technology Corp.

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is an industry-leading provider of cloud solutions and related IT hardware, software, and services. The company supports members across the public sector, and is a leading distributor in the education and academic healthcare markets nationwide. By combining technological expertise with a thorough understanding of educational procurement, Carahsoft helps members select and implement the best possible solutions that deliver the greatest value. Carahsoft’s teams of more than 1,900 professionals offer a broad range...

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Proctorio is a comprehensive learning integrity platform serving 950+ educational institutions worldwide, with more than 1.9 million active weekly users. Proctorio’s services include automated and live remote exam proctoring, originality verification, ID verification, content protection, live pop-in, professional review, bring-your-own proctor, and detailed reporting. Maintaining academic integrity at all times is critical for our members, and Proctorio is a game changer for online education and exam administration. Through state-of-the-art technology and end-to-end security, Proctorio’s scalable,...

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Ouriginal is an educational technology company providing an industry-leading text similarity detection and plagiarism prevention solution to secondary and higher education institutions worldwide. Plagiarism is a serious problem for educational institutions around the globe and compromises academic integrity. Ouriginal’s cost-effective, cloud-based plagiarism prevention system is fully automated and utilizes advanced machine learning to deliver unparalleled accuracy. A text-matching system is combined with author metrics for the ultimate originality check. Ouriginal’s algorithm automatically scans billions of...

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Unimarket provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based e-procurement solution designed to meet the unique needs of higher education. Bring all your procurement into one place using Unimarket’s powerful and comprehensive platform at a negotiated price available only to E&I members. By creating end-to-end visibility into the entire sourcing, purchasing, and payable process, Unimarket offers valuable insights into organizational spend, facilitates a strategic, value-focused approach to procurement, and drives measurable bottom-line cost savings. The Unimarket platform easily integrates...

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