Bottom Line Concepts Contract

Bottom Line Concepts

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683489 - Invoice Audit Review & Savings Strategies (Amendment #2)
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01/01/2020 - 12/31/2022

Bottom Line Concepts is a contingency-based consulting firm focused on utilities cost reduction. They specialize in showing institutions where and how to find savings of 10 – 30% on gas and electric bills.

Bottom Line Concepts offers educational institutions independent audits and in-depth analyses of utilities usage reports and invoices. Their extensive knowledge and optimization strategies provide a holistic perspective on a broad range of areas where significant savings can be realized.

E&I members incur no risk or upfront cost or obligation. Bottom Line performs this analysis and will only be paid via a percentage of recovered funds when savings are identified and refunded.

Contract Highlights:
  • No risk, cost, or obligation for the consultation
  • Savings on utilities up to 30%
  • Applicable in regulated and deregulated states
  • Savings can be uncovered by supplying just one month of invoices
  • The process is easy and can be performed remotely

Government Aid: See how Bottom Line can help members with Employee Retention Credits.

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Please contact your E&I Member Representative or David ManzBusiness Development Manager, Facilities.

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E&I Bottom Line Concepts Contract