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683526 - Contact Tracing Solutions
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08/01/2020 - 07/31/2022

Kiana Analytics is an industry leader in real-time location solutions. Their ready-to-deploy, cloud-based smart campus management platform helps you digitally transform your campus with capabilities for security, health and safety, asset, visitor and personnel management, site operations, and work ticket management. With a privacy-first architecture and data encryption support, Kiana can be deployed quickly by leveraging your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, dramatically reducing time and deployment costs.

Without requiring any installed hardware or application software, Kiana provides modules for visitor management, intelligent asset management and tracking, COVID-19 exposure discovery, smart work ticket and reporting for site operations, and security and safety capabilities. A real-time alert system provides staff and operations teams with immediate information on safety issues, maintenance, unauthorized access, and health related risks, all while respecting a user’s privacy.

Contract Highlights:

  • Asset Management: Comprehensive asset management to track movement, review service logs, identify maintenance needs, and more.
  • Visitor and contractor management: Register and manage visitors and contractors, request documentation, and communicate through visitors’ smart devices.
  • Alerts: Receive and push security, maintenance, and management alerts, and locate visitors during emergencies.
  • COVID Exposure notification and tracing: COVID-19 contact tracing and exposure notification via mobile devices.
  • Site and space utilization intelligence: Identify high usage zones, cluster areas, and potential health exposure areas on campus.
  • Work ticket reporting: Prioritize and dispatch maintenance in real-time using QR code work ticket reporting in real-time and provide feedback through a digital cloud interface.

Why Kiana?

  • Zero downtime for installation, as no changes are needed to your institution’s existing Wi-Fi.
  • Quick to implement and use, and easily managed by authorized personnel.
  • Privacy is preserved as all personal data is encrypted, remains within the institution, and is never known to Kiana or others
  • Digital health exposure notification means immediate collection of real-time data & automatic alerts to all exposed individuals.
  • User-friendly because with no app to download, users just accept your Wi-Fi terms.
  • Bluetooth asset tags and badges are easily registered and distributed as needed.
  • Patented technology
  • Services can be added as your needs change or grow. License-based per user or device depending on the service enabled.

Kiana integrates with existing Wi-Fi systems, including:


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