E&I Medline Pharmaceuticals Contract

Medline Industries – Pharmaceuticals and OTC

Medline Industries Inc. is the largest privately-held manufacturer and distributor of medical and surgical supplies in the U.S. The ability to deal directly with a manufacturer and distributor of top brands provides members with access to an extensive product offering, as well as the added value of expedited support and controlled costs.

In addition to medical surgical products, Medline also provides access to pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, antibiotics, generic injectable drugs, OTC’s and vitamin supplements.
Contract Highlights:

  • Full Range of vaccines, OTC’s and Pharmaceuticals
  • Product stored under strict OTC/Rx temp control storage
  • Product is under strict Rx and OTC lot control
  • Rx/OTC overnight shipping on all refrigerated pharmaceuticals
  • Rx/OTC will not ship with less than 6 month expiration dating
  • Real time reporting
  • eProcurement options
  • Over 40 distribution and service centers across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Dedicated sales and customer service
  • Access to:
    • flu vaccine pre book program with marketing and clinical support
    • vaccines for employees and students
    • most commonly used antibiotics
    • a pharmaceuticals inventory formulary review by a registered pharmacist
    • full line of OTC oral, topical and ophthalmic products
    • full line of vitamins and supplements

Download the Medline product catalog. Also, check out the Medline’s Newsroom for news, tips, and updates from field experts and the medical industry.

Learn more about Medline’s Over-the-Counter Campus Program, which provides exceptional products and services to elevate your offering.

Medline is available as part of E&I’s ESM offering.

Did you know? E&I and Medline Industries, Inc. also have a contract for Medical & Surgical Supplies. Learn more.

Getting Started

E&I members can begin using the contract immediately. See the Ordering Information section for details.

E&I Medline Pharmaceuticals Contract

E&I Medline Medical Contract E&I Medline Pharmaceuticals Contract

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