Meenta is the world’s first online platform for finding and ordering COVID-19 tests. From testing kit logistics to clinical support, Meenta simplifies this challenging new process for your institution.

Their data-driven testing model reduces the number of tests needed while providing the same benefit as if each person were tested. This reduces the total cost of testing and is customizable for your institution’s specific risk factors.

Meenta provides access to 400,000 tests per day across many FDA/EUA certified clinical labs and includes access to several types of sample collection kits. Simply select the test types online and your Meenta in a Box (MIAB) package will arrive, including all PPE, kits, and barcodes needed for onsite testing.

Contract Highlights:

  • HIPAA-compliant portal dashboard for incident monitoring & reporting
  • Mobile-ready symptom tracking app catches symptomatic cases with or without testing
  • Wet Lab Marketplace: on-demand testing capabilities
  • Most results returned within 24-48 hours
  • Medical oversight and sample collection services in all 50 states

This negotiated contract is part of E&I’s ongoing efforts to provide COVID-related contracts to our members.

More Information

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