Meenta is a leading scientific and clinical testing platform that offers on-demand access to a global network of scientific instruments, clinical tests and research services.  Customers can order a variety of test kits, devices, and supplies from Meenta’s growing network of hundreds of top qualified labs.

COVID-19 Testing Marketplace
Our COVID-19 marketplace provides tailored testing solutions for universities, colleges and K-12 schools, including but not limited to the use of rapid antigen and pool testing.  Meenta’s multiple supplier partnerships with FDA/EUA labs gives customers access to more than a single source for testing.  Thus, providing schools reliable inventory and access to tests, including the capacity to process 1+ million COVID-19 tests weekly.

Meenta’s # 1 priority is to help customers build a COVID-19 testing program that meets their unique needs, budget and timing.  Meenta’s COVID-19 testing marketplace features:

  • Access to dozens of tests and collection method options
  • 24-48 hour guaranteed results
  • Mobile-ready symptom tracking app. catches symptomatic cases with or without testing
  • HIPAA-compliant portal dashboard for incident monitoring, notification & reporting
  • Scientific expert counsel and guidance
  • Medical oversight in all 50 states
  • Sample collection services

Contract Highlights:

  • HIPAA-compliant portal dashboard for incident monitoring, notification & reporting
  • Mobile-ready symptom tracking app catches symptomatic cases with or without testing
  • Wet Lab Marketplace: on-demand testing capabilities
  • Most results returned within 24-48 hours
  • Medical oversight and sample collection services in all 50 states

This negotiated contract is part of E&I’s ongoing efforts to provide COVID-related contracts to our members.

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