E&I Navigate Research Contract

Navigate Research

Navigate Research provides measurement, valuation and consulting services to help members create strategic marketing partnerships. Navigate has measured the impact and ROI of hundreds of sponsorship deals and has valued billions of dollars in sponsorship transactions on behalf of brands, properties, universities and agencies.

Navigate’s methodology factors in impressions, visibility, prominence, and CPMs, along with intangible factors such as brand premium. Additionally, Navigate seeks to assign a value to the B2B component that often exists in certain categories.

Areas of expertise include:
  1. Sponsorship Valuation
    • Category specific such as: Pouring Rights, Apparel, Travel, Banking, etc.
    • Partner/Sponsor specific
    • Asset specific such as: Videoboard, Radio network, Special programming
  2. Naming Rights Valuation + Consulting
    • Determine Fair Market Value
    • Build appropriate package of assets to support value
    • Sales support and prospecting
    • Assistance in negotiation and contract development
  3. Multimedia Rights Valuation
    • Identify and value all current and potential assets
    • Determine overall MMR value
    • Scenario mapping (i.e. partner A vs. partner B vs. in-house)
    • Assistance in negotiation and contract development