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683575 - Early Warning Wastewater Surveillance Program
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01/01/2022 - 12/31/2022

NEOGEN provides educational institutions with their Early Wastewater Surveillance solution, delivering a piloted, accurate, and reliable testing mechanism that monitors the presence of COVID-19 in sludge from wastewater facilities. 

NEOGEN Early Wastewater Surveillance allows E&I members to anticipate potential surges of viral infections through routine monitoring. Widescale and regular screenings enable educational institutions to drive mitigation strategies and provide leading indicators for local reemergence events. With NEOGEN Early Wastewater Surveillance, members can make smart decisions around reopening and better focus on testing and vaccination needs. 

Contract Highlights: 

  • Help keep people and communities safe through early detection 
  • Low cost testing solution for routine monitoring 
  • Detects increased viral levels 4-14 days before onset of symptoms 
  • Simple, easily implemented collection protocol 
  • Virus in samples is deactivated upon collection for optimal end-user safety
  • Samples are room temperature stable and require no special shipping or transport 

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