Pure Air Contract

Pure Air

Pure Air Control Services, Inc. is a nationally recognized indoor air quality (IAQ) service provider. E&I’s Pure Air contract offers unique, turn-key environmental services that work with institutions, consultants, and architects to resolve IAQ issues quickly and efficiently.

Pure Air has been focusing on the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of facilities for over 30 years. Their vital IAQ testing, remediation, and restoration services have improved the air quality of over 600 million square feet in over 10,000 different facilities.

Contract Highlights

  • IAQ testing and hygienic cleaning of ducts and HVAC systems
  • PURE-Steam HVAC coil cleaning process eliminates bacteria and fungi in handling units
  • Improve airflow for better control and significant energy savings
  • Save money on new equipment by restoring or repairing existing equipment
  • Experienced indoor air and environmental quality testing
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand reporting
  • Proprietary HVAC cleaning and restoration
  • Locked-in price ceiling, negotiable based on specific project needs
  • Extensive history and experience working with educational facilities

Pure Air is a privately-owned company with problem solving experience in all areas of IAQ. Pure Air is certified by the U.S. Small Business Association as a qualified Small Business Concern and is a certified Hispanic Business Enterprise.

For more information, check out Pure Airs’ Evaluation of Steam Cleaning in AHU Coil Sanitization and Energy Conservation brochure.

More Information

Please contact your Member Relations Representative or David Manz, Business Development Manager, Facilities.

Pure Air Contract

Getting Started

To begin saving with E&I’s Pure Air contract, please complete this Letter of Participation.

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