E&I Rosslyn Contract

Rosslyn Data Technologies (formerly Rosslyn Analytics)

The Rosslyn Data Technologies (formerly Rosslyn Analytics) cloud-based spend analytics solution, delivered via E&I Consulting Group, provides a comprehensive spend analytics platform that contains all of the spend data and self-services tools procurement needs to effectively extract, analyze, report, and manage detailed spend data – so that it is fully actionable in driving institutional decision making around their entire purchasing process.

The solution is 100% cloud-based, eliminating the need to buy and maintain costly hardware and software. E&I Consulting Group provides the insights and expertise to help you better understand your institutional spend, improve decision-making capabilities, identify cost saving opportunities, and maximize operational efficiency.

Contract Highlights:
  • Access to RAPid® Big Data Cloud Analytics Platform
  • Expert Spend Analytics Services from E&I Consulting Group
  • Unlimited Access to the RAPid® Platform for the Full Life of the Agreement
  • Self-Service Tools to Access, Combine, Clean and Enhance your Data
  • Great Pricing with Tiered Discounts (1-5 years, depending on term)
  • Customized Support and Training

This agreement has been established based on RFP#ITN-5713-4 from Florida State University (FSU) “Invitation to Negotiate: Spend Analytics” and the adoption of the resulting competitively awarded FSU Agreement for RAPid® Spend Analysis Software.

Getting Started

E&I members can begin using the contract immediately. See the Ordering Information section for details.