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Sightlines Facilities Planning Solutions

Sightlines Facilities Planning solutions help mission-driven institutions better manage their facilities operations and capital investments. Sightlines Facilities Planning Solutions provides tools for strategic planning, benchmarking and analysis that generate an independent, reliable exploration of campus performance utilizing the nation’s largest database of verified facilities metrics.

The team visits each campus annually to collect more than 200 indicators of facilities and financial performance in order to identify trends and provide useful analysis and benchmarks. With Sightlines Facilities Planning solutions, you’ll receive the context and validation you need to make sound, data driven decisions about your campus facilities.

Gordian’s Sightlines Facilities Planning solutions are available through E&I:
  • Sightlines Assessment and Planning – A new approach to the traditional FCA that provides you with the tools to strengthen the business case for facilities reinvestment and align project selection with institutional goals and financial realities.
  • Sightlines Benchmarking and Analysis – Provides the data, contextual understanding and strategic recommendations needed to steward your facilities most effectively.
  • Sightlines Space Utilization – Offers the tools that will help you optimize the use of existing assets to avoid unnecessary costs and provide a foundation for strategic campus growth.
  • Sightlines Integrated Facilities Planning – Provides small campus leaders with the dynamic set of data, analytical tools, benchmarking context and ongoing strategic support needed to improve facilities operations and optimize finite resources.s

Sightlines Facilities Planning solutions are available through Gordian and works with over 450 institutions in 41 States, the District of Columbia and Canada each year. Although rooted in higher education, members include K-12, healthcare and government entities.

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