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Financial Planning and Engaging your Workforce Remotely in Times of Crisis: A Special Offer for Higher Education. Unit4 is donating specific solutions from the FP&A and Talent Management software to help your institution get through this crisis. The impact will be immediate—and you will be up and running in less than 5 days. Learn More About This Special Offer.

View this blog to see how Unit4 is working with partners, such as E&I and D2L, and connections in higher education, to help you find a better way of working.

Four Ways for Leveraging Technology to Improve Higher Education Operations: Rethinking how administrators, faculty and staff use the tools at their disposal to perform key administrative functions, strengthen student self-service capabilities, and simplify communication.

We would like to help you manage your remote workforce with employee engagement pulses. Learn More.

Keeping Your Institution Flexible & Innovative in Challenging Times. This blog discusses how Unit4 can help you achieve greater flexibility and meet the technology challenges higher education is facing today.

Unit4 is a leading international provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, with a fully cloud-native platform custom-built for higher education. Unit4’s integrated solutions are highly scalable, offering a wide array of mobile-enabled tools, dashboards, and interfaces for ease-of-use and accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Unit4’s multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions support your faculty and staff so they can focus on education and outcomes instead of administration. The platform is flexible, highly adaptable, and futureproof, accommodating new academic and economic models to increase efficiency and productivity. Readily-available data and built-in reporting tools help eliminate network latency, increase transparency throughout the entire institution, and ensure faster, more informed decision-making.

Unit4 Delivers People-Centric Cloud ERP through the E&I Contract.

Integrated Solutions:

  • Unit4 Business World: Highly adaptable ERP platform that supports front- and back-office finance, budgets, projects, HR and payroll, estates and asset management. “Self-driving ERP” model increases efficiency by automating tasks, suggesting actions, and providing key insights — which enables users to easily collaborate and make well-informed decisions
  • Unit4 Student Management: Handles the entire student lifecycle from outreach to alumni. Supports processes for admissions, academics, financial aid, billing, communications analytics and reporting, and system management. Provides faculty and staff with access to consistent data and helps drive more informed decision-making.

These solutions harness the Unit4 People Platform, the technology foundation that draws products together into a seamless solution with the flexibility to readily adapt to change. Value Accelerators enable faster implementation and shorter time-to-value, which can help lower your total cost of ownership.

Unit4’s ERP applications offer significant benefits, such as:

  • Built for People: Enables users to be more productive, creative, and successful by virtually eliminating lower-value, repetitive tasks.
  • End-to-End Transparency: Gain 360-degree visibility and obtain clearer insights — while ensuring accountability and transparency.
  • The Latest Technologies: Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Wanda, a digital assistant that helps to deliver powerful business process support.
  • Competitive Pricing & Implementation Model: Realize a significant ROI within a reasonable timeframe. Built-in workflows and triggers eliminate costly configurations. Incentive discounts available.
  • Built-in Reporting & Analysis Tools: Intuitive, visual tools help to provide a complete view of the institution with actionable insights, along with dashboards and devices to analyze trends
  • Upgrade Elasticity: Upgrades become available automatically — you choose whether to accept or postpone
  • Proven Track Record: 30+ years of experience delivering applications for higher education and providing local support

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