E&I Vantage Point Logistics Contracts

Vantage Point Logistics

Vantage Point Logistics provides individualized freight management solutions to help significantly reduce your inbound shipping costs.

Through a unique partnership with FedEx®, Vantage Point Logistics offers a comprehensive turnkey program that includes supplier management, carrier invoicing and allocation, reporting, analytics and ongoing account management.

Contract Highlights:
  • 35-40% savings on inbound shipping costs
  • 2% rebate on total usage from dollar one, when used in conjunction with the E&I FedEx® contract
  • No upfront implementation costs
  • Implementation only requires 10-15 hours of staff time-completed in three weeks or less
  • No impact on departments or procurement process
  • Little or no impact on accounts payable
  • Simple process to upload FedEx® rate structure/services into your financial system
  • Weekly and monthly reporting capabilities

For more information, check out this informative FAQ.

This Lead Public Agency (LPA) contract was based on the competitively solicited and awarded contract by the University of California (Agreement #085/OP/0540), and has been formally adopted by E&I.

Getting Started

To schedule a meeting with Vantage Point Logistics or to request more information, please complete the online member account Contract Participation Form. Processing this form may take 4 to 7 business days.