Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc.

Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. (WTI, a subsidiary of Tremco Incorporated) delivers unique facility asset management solutions designed to reduce your roofing and building envelope life-cycle costs while improving performance.

Contract Highlights:

  • Discounted Products, Programs and Services
  • Roof Maintenance, Repairs, Restoration and Replacement
  • All Low-Slope and Steep-Slope Roof Assemblies
  • Vegetated Roof Systems and Water Catchment/Management
  • Photovoltaic Panels and Daylighting
  • Performance Contracting / Warranties
  • Air Barrier Continuity and High-Performance Building Solutions
  • Façade Waterproofing and Restoration
  • Parking Garage Restoration
  • Turnkey Project Management

Learn more about how WTI is focused on improving your building performance.

Tremco’s Managed Assets program can maximize and extend the life of your existing building envelope while strategically planning for future needs.

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Getting Started

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