April 2017

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This month’s issue has all the details on our new contracts with Anthony James Partners, Baker, GovDeals, Johnsonite, & NuAire. We also announced an enhanced Grainger contract, and we’ve got a great story about how America To Go had a huge impact at UCSF. Additionally, we’ll fill you in on the amazing time we had in Reno!

Quote of the Month

People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.
– John C. Maxwell

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New Contract Are Here!  AmericaToGo
Announcing New Agreements with Anthony James Partners, Baker, GovDeals, Johnsonite, & NuAire A Newly Enhanced Grainger Contract – with Vastly Expanded Savings for All Reduced Risk, Increased Compliance & More America To Go Brings Catering Cost Efficiencies to UCSF

David H. Lord Award! SupplierAwards 2017 E&I MRE Awards
Congratulations to Bill Harris & Stephen Mack, Recipients of this Year’s David H. Lord Cooperative Purchasing Award Medline, VWR, & Enterprise Honored with E&I Business Partner Awards MRE Awards Recognize the Accomplishments of Jill Sullivan & Graham Smeilus

Cruising Toward Cost Savings & More Fun in Reno

We were all cruising toward cost savings in our booth at NAEP’s Annual Meeting this year, as members and suppliers slipped behind the wheel of a classic ‘66 Corvette.

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Did You Know? Did You Know?

2016 Was an Outstanding Year for E&I – Thank You!

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Calendar of events – Check out the list of upcoming events you just won’t want to miss.

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