We are Excited to Announce Our K-12 Market Development Team!

E&I is excited to announce that we’ve created a dedicated team to support and advance our footprint in the K-12 space. The E&I K-12 Market Development team will focus on new business development, driving contract utilization, and increasing K-12 membership. We’re also looking to increase our collaboration with our business partners who have a presence in the K-12 marketplace.

This team is led by Sue Peters, Director, K-12 Market Development, and includes two field-based Market Development Executives, Nate Termaat and LJ Sylvester. The team is completed by two IMRs (Inside Member Representatives) who focus on engaging with small and mid-sized K-12 institutions.

Meet the Team

E&I K-12 Market Development Team   E&I K-12 Market Development Team   E&I K-12 Market Development Team
Sue Peters
Executive Director, K-12 Market Development
  Nate Termaat
Market Development Executive, K-12
  LJ Sylvester
Market Development Executive, K-12

We believe this K-12 initiative will complement our deep relationships within higher education and strengthen our position as the premier member-owned cooperative serving the education marketplace. There is tremendous opportunity in this area and we’re predicting huge success with this initiative.

For more details, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact Sue Peters, Executive Director, K-12 Market Development.

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E&I K-12 Market Development Team
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