K-12 Schools are Saving Big with Grainger, Too!

E&I has recently relaunched its Grainger contract with unprecedented discounts and enhancements that will drive down costs for K-12 school districts and institutions.

You probably know Grainger for the Maintenance, Repair and Operations products that keep your institution or district running. But did you know that Grainger has 1.5 million products that benefit virtually every department or office? In addition to significantly deeper discounting, this enhanced program also provides expanded financial incentives that go right to your bottom line.
K-12 School Grainger Discounts

New Contract Enhancements Include:

  • A Total of 35 Category Discounts with a Minimum Discount of 15% or Greater
  • Key Product Core Market Basket of Products Commonly used in Education
  • Customized Hot List of up to 1,000 Items for Your Institution
  • Expanded E-Commerce and Volume-Based Financial Incentives
What to do Next:

To begin taking advantage of this newly enhanced contract, please complete the E&I Grainger Program Participation Form. This will ensure that your institution can begin enjoying the “Strongest Grainger Value Available to any Educational Institution!”

For more than two decades, Grainger and E&I Cooperative have been providing outstanding value to the E&I membership. These new program enhancements take that value to a whole new level!

If you have any questions, or would like more details, please contact Sue Peters, Executive Director, K-12 Market Development.

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K-12 School Grainger Discounts
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