Manage Your Cash Flow and Drive Efficiencies with American Express BIP

Can your institution benefit from improved cash flow management and financial incentives? Of course it can! E&I’s competitively awarded American Express contract provides a customizable suite of efficiency-based finance solutions and electronic payment tools to help improve your institution’s payment processes.
American Express BIP Contract
As part of this contract, you have access to Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP), an electronic payment method that helps you leverage your American Express billing cycle to extend payment terms with your suppliers.

With BIP you can:

American Express BIP Contract
BIP can be implemented with little change to current business processes and integrates seamlessly with many ERP systems. In addition to BIP, you also have access to:

  • VPayment – reduce the risk of misuse and billing errors by replacing paper checks with a single-use virtual account number.
  • Corporate Purchasing Card (CPC) – helps simplify the day-to-day processes for everyday business purchases.

More Information

Please contact your E&I Member Representative, or Jen Nisbet, Business Development Manage, Financial Services & Culinary

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American Express BIP Contract
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