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Conducted Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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In today’s world, immediate access to information has become the standard. For instance, online shopping allows access to products 24/7 and we expect the same access of information to be in our B2B environment. Listen to this webinar and learn how VWR leveraged technology to help create an easier to use platform which mirrors the experience that is found in our consumer world, including search capabilities, real time availability, order tracking, and more.

Discussion Topics:

  • A platform for innovation – Global Integrated Business Services (GIBS)
  • Review of web-based technology innovations
  • functionality
    • Search (content & speed)
    • Real time availability notification
    • Savings alternative and reporting
    • “Where Is My Stuff” (WIMS) demo
  • Importance of supplier integration
      • Data quality
      • Real time supply chain information


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Who Should Listen:

Procurement, Information Technology, Accounts Payable, Lab Managers, Department Heads and End Users utilizing B2B and web ordering platforms.


Ken Quensenberry, Director of e-Business/Digital Commercialization, VWR
Ken is responsible for advancing VWR International’s global customer-facing e-commerce solutions and driving adoption of those channels. He has spent the last 23 years at VWR focusing primarily on supply & demand chain solutions, especially in the areas of customer e-procurement and B2B integration. Ken has held several roles in his tenure at VWR, including Business Process Consultant, Information Systems Director and Director of e-Business Sales. Prior to VWR, Ken worked in various sales and technical roles for Fisher Technology Group and the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation.

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Business Technology for Science
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