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E-LYNXX Overview

The cost to procure print typically amounts to $1,000 to $1,500 per student at a college or university, depending on the size of the school. Too often, this significant expense category goes undetected because it is decentralized across campus and not managed through a centralized procurement program.

e-LYNXX Corporation specializes in working with organizations to dramatically reduce their procured cost of print and help them improve how they buy direct mail, marketing materials, commercial print, labels, packaged products or the creation of an image on any material. That includes admissions literature, event promotional collateral, alumni publications, CDs, logo book-store items and a host of print that communicates key messages and supports branding of the school and its programs.

Through its American Print Management division, e-LYNXX brings objectivity and standardization to print procurement areas where it is most difficult to achieve. This includes supplier qualification and on-going assessment, specification development, change order control, formal quality assurance and other procedures specifically designed for customized print. No change in the institution's current suppliers, personnel, organizational structure or information technology is needed. Efficiencies and quality controls are improved, reporting is strengthened and total transparency is provided.

The benefits are impressive. By using a patented methodology, known as The Gindlesperger Method, measurable real-dollar cost reductions of no less than 25% are guaranteed without risk of quality, service interruption or investment. With savings at this level, 1% or more of gross revenues go to the institution's bottom line giving college and university administrators more flexibility in how they budget.

e-LYNXX business success is built around its offering of (1) a patented competitive method; (2) 10 best business practices; (3) a workflow and communication system for the facilitation of the patented method and the best business practices; and (4) experts in print. e-LYNXX works as an extension of each of its client's procurement activities - never as a broker, never as a print supplier, and never standing between its buyer clients and their printers.

A white paper on e-LYNXX and its services is accessible at or it may be requested via e-mail at or by calling 888-876-5432.