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Taconic Overview

Taconic is committed to providing smart solutions to improve human health – the founding principle that still guides their efforts today. Originally established in 1952 as a family-owned business in New York's Hudson River Valley, Taconic has become one of the largest laboratory rodent providers in the world with a reputation for consistently producing high quality, well-defined mice and rats. Taconic's expertise in the custom design and generation of genetically modified mice, mouse and rat breeding, barrier systems, genetics and animal health, supports researchers focused on drug development using in vivo models.

Taconic has six breeding facilities and three service laboratories in the USA and Europe, a staff of over 1,000 and a commitment to technological innovation.

Animal Models
Taconic offers more than a hundred unique breeds of mice and rats ranging from traditional models to animals that closely mimic human conditions. In addition, through TaconicArtemis, they can generate the precise model you need for your work and deliver it in just months.

Custom Model Generation
TaconicArtemis can custom create a range of mouse models, enabling you to obtain the precise models you need. Through their powerful combination of industry-leading technology in mouse genetics and genomics, and unrivaled expertise in breeding and distribution, Taconic provides easy access to the exact tools you need.

Contract Breeding Solutions
At the heart of Taconic’s business, breeding mice and rats for research is their leading focus. In addition to carrying thousands of lines to enhance your research, Taconic can also breed your rodents to relieve capacity at your facility, cryopreserve embryos to protect your lines and crossbreed animals. They are able to work quickly and efficiently to your specific, unique needs.

KO Repository
Taconic maintains more than 3,200 knockout lines, available fully licensed for commercial use. Many of the lines focus on the druggable genes and are designed to help accelerate the drug development and discovery processes. Live mice are available in as few as ten weeks.

Taconic Transgenic Models™ (TTM™)
The Taconic Transgenic Model™ portfolio offers you ready access to over 78 transgenic mouse and rat models, available off the shelf in typical study quantities, enabling Taconic to meet your needs on a fast delivery timeline. TTMs come with full in-licensed patent rights to use the model in your research, including the use rights to model generation technologies and specific gene and model patents. TTMs are widely used in common applications such as ADME-tox, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, short-term carcinogenicity bioassays, immunology, inflammatory disease, tumor biology and endocrinology studies. By eliminating the time-consuming steps of finding, licensing and breeding the right model, TTMs greatly accelerate your research.

Contract Research Solutions
Taconic is committed to supporting E&I members’ research efforts. From preparing animals for your research to outsourcing entire studies, Taconic’s scientific staff is always available for consultation and to help you meet your study objectives.

Testing Solutions
Taconic scientists and veterinarians are always available to help you interpret your testing results and to provide guidance on current and future testing needs. Whether your research involves molecular analysis, health monitoring or safety testing, Taconic can help.

Surgical Modifications
Taconic can perform surgical procedures to animals, including cannulations and implants for use in your research. Taconic can also add telemetry devices to animals for enhanced monitoring of vitals like blood pressure and temperature.

Animal Care Products
The same high quality products Taconic uses in its facilities to feed, care for and transport its animals, are available for use in maintaining your laboratory animals. Autoclaved animal feed and bedding and the Taconic Transit Cage are integral in maintaining uniform, high standards in your animal research.

Phenotyping Services
Taconic offers phenotypic characterization of mouse models that is both comprehensive and efficient. Depending on your study, phenotypic characterization may play an integral role in your research. Taconic’s phenotyping services range from a wide variety of standard offerings to custom solutions designed to meet your specific research needs.

Contract Highlights:

  • Competitively awarded national contract
  • Pricing features tiered volume-based discounts (even-deeper discounts available based upon demand and forecast) including the creation of a "High Volume Hot List"
  • Discounts on Taconic services
  • No minimum ordering requirement
  • Product samples are available – limited to specific stocks or strains or surgical procedures