JAGGAER Source-to-Settle Modules

Supplier ManagementJAGGAER Source to Settle Modules
JAGGAER’s supplier management solutions will help you formalize supplier information management processes setting you on the path to consistent, accurate and reliable supplier data which will drive improvements across the organization.

  • Insight into supplier capabilities and their status in adhering to your business requirements.
  • Elimination of many manual processes for those managing the supplier database.
  • Formalized data collection thereby reducing discrepancies across supplier profiles and as a result, consistent, accurate and reliable supplier information when generating reports.
  • Reduction in risk exposure brought by dealing with third-party suppliers.
  • A clear and simple-to-navigate user interface for rapid user training and adoption.

JAGGAER delivers the broadest set of eSourcing solutions to administer a wide range of activities for organizations that are new to eSourcing as well as the most mature sourcing teams.

  • Automate your entire bid process from start to finish
  • Increase savings from your sourcing processes by sourcing more often and more effectively
  • Improve the consistency of your sourcing activities and ensure process standardization
  • Gain visibility into sourcing activities: past, present and future
  • Drive efficiencies in processing time—move from weeks to days
  • Better manage the entire source-to-pay process

Contract Management
JAGGAER’s contract lifecycle management solutions are designed to improve the contracting process and set the standard for enterprise contract management software best practices.

  • Increase visibility and accessibility to contracts across the entire organization
  • Generate contracts dynamically using approved terms
  • Ensure consistency across contracts
  • Streamline the approvals process
  • Reduce cycle time thereby increasing sales and/or procurement savings
  • Eliminate paper and SharePoint files
  • Mitigate legal and regulatory risk

JAGGAER’s e-procurement solutions offer organizations an opportunity to transform a manual and labor-intensive procurement process into a best-in-class center of excellence that can deliver significant cost savings and efficiencies.

University systems, state governments and other multi-institution organizations can realize significant savings and efficiencies by consolidating their procurement resources. Consortium Community provides the technology framework that lets organizations:

  • Source together: go out to bid, negotiate, and communicate as a group with strategic suppliers.
  • Share and publish contracts: manage contracts, view terms and conditions, host catalogs, and create shared service agreements in a central repository.
  • Shop in your own marketplace or in a shared environment: shop from consortia contracts with the assurance that contract terms and conditions, supplier requirements and all product and catalog details are always synchronized and updated.
  • Consolidate reporting: roll up transaction level reporting across all participating members by supplier, by commodity, by unit, by contract, or at SKU level detail.

Accounts Payable
 JAGGAER offers best in-class accounts payable solutions that can reduce invoice processing costs and maximize discount opportunities by streamlining the entire AP process. These solutions are designed to make accounts payable truly strategic, and can be easily integrated with your existing financial systems or available as part of JAGGAER’s complete procure-to-pay suite.

  • Maximize Your Cash, Savings & Bottom Line with Accounts Payable Automation Software
    • Reduce invoice processing errors, costs & cycle times
    • Eliminate late payment penalties, duplicate payments or overpayments
    • Realize prompt payment discounts
  • Accelerate Processing Times and the Receipt Of Invoices, Goods & Services
    • Managed supplier network to maximize eInvoicing adoption
    • Decrease processing times and increase matching accuracy with Purchase Order-to-Invoicing Flip
    • Capture and convert paper invoices (in-house or using JAGGAER Digital Mailroom)
    • Comprehensive receipt management & reminders
  • Streamline Supplier Management & Onboarding
    • Self-service supplier registration & management
    • Automated W-9 collection
    • Supplier invoicing portal
    • Accurately calculate and manage taxes
  • Seamless Integration for Greater Efficiency
    • Easily integrate with JAGGAER’s e-procurement, supplier and contract management offerings

Supplies Manager
 JAGGAER Supplies Manager allows your organization to streamline all inventory management processes related to internal order fulfillment. JAGGAER Supplies Manager is ideal in situations where:

  • Multiple stockrooms need to be managed.
  • Organizations have a lot of vendor-managed inventory.
  • Multiple inventory management software programs are being used.
  • There is a need to integrate inventory items into the organization’s procurement system.

Enterprise Reagent Manager
If you have implemented e-procurement software solutions, you may still be challenged to extend your savings and efficiency to isolated stockrooms and internal stores. JAGGAER offers unique inventory management solutions that will eliminate your headache. These solutions will help guide you through managing internal stockrooms and inventory, integrating your ERP item master to present ERP inventory to buyers, and managing your enterprise reagents and chemical stock globally.

Enterprise Reagent Manager is a must-have for biotechnical companies, research universities, chemical companies and any organization managing laboratory supplies, chemicals and reagents.

Spend Analytics
Your organization has lots of spend data. And within that spend data lies the information to help you make crucial business decisions about your procurement and sourcing activities. Spend analysis is key to providing you with an accurate view of your organization’s data.

JAGGAER offers spend analysis solutions for procurement and finance professionals. With more than $4 trillion in spend processed through the JAGGAER spend analysis system to date, our software allows clients to conduct the comprehensive, accurate analysis necessary to drive and measure cost savings.

With JAGGAER’s spend analysis solutions, you will realize:

  • A complete view of organization-wide spend from all of your spend and supplier data sources
  • Easy-to-use visual reporting and analysis module
  • Reusable templates with your company’s look and feel
  • A single source of truth for all spend-related and supplier-related data
  • Consolidated, categorized data in one language for a complete, global solution
  • Ongoing data accuracy to help make actionable procurement and sourcing decisions
JAGGAER Source to Settle Modules