Kennedy & Company LOP Letter of Participation

Note: This Letter of Participation (LOP) may be completed only by representatives of E&I member institutions. The effective date for this action is the date the Member submits the LOP. To determine whether your institution is a member, visit our Member Locator. To join E&I, complete a Membership Application.

E&I Member agrees that this LOP Form shall supersede any previous Member declarations for the purchase of product and services from Kennedy & Company LOP (Business Partner) unless otherwise specified, and will remain in effect during the term of the Agreement between E&I and Business Partner, including any renewals and extensions. Furthermore, E&I Member intends for all Business Partner purchases to be credited to E&I and the member.

Upon receipt of this LOP Form, the Business Partner shall enroll E&I Member in its E&I program within 4 to 7 business days; credit all future purchases to E&I Member and E&I whether an existing or new client of Business Partner; provide E&I Member a confirmation email message within 24 hours of its receipt of the LOP Form; and send E&I Member a final confirmation email message once the new or existing account(s) is/are linked to its E&I Agreement.

E&I shall follow-up with the E&I Member to ensure successful enrollment as well as to provide additional contact information for both E&I and Business Partner.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact your Member Relations Representative or Joe Castelluccio by email at

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