Staples Business Advantage Letter of Participation

Note: This letter of interest may be completed only by representatives of E&I member institutions. To determine whether your institution is a member, visit our Member Locator. To join E&I, complete a Membership Application.

The E&I Member acknowledges that it may elect to participate in only one (1)Staples Business Advantage catalog-wide agreement at any given time. By submitting this Letter of Interest Form to E&I, the Member agrees to a meeting with a Staples Business Advantage representative so the E&I Program specifics and details of the Master Agreement CNR01373 may be reviewed. The E&I Member understands they will receive a phone call from a Staples representative within 72 business hours and agrees to a meeting date within 20 days.

The E&I Member further understands that enrollment in the E&I Staples Business Advantage Contract will remain in effect during the Contract term.

To be processed and enrolled in the E&I Program, the E&I Member will need to sign the Staples Letter of Interest Agreement. This Staples Business Advantage Letter of Interest Agreement will be supplied by Staples Business Advantage and the processing and account set up generally only take 5 to 7 business days. A Staples Business Advantage representative will be in contact to schedule a meeting to tailor this program to your needs in order to bring the maximum value for your institution.

If you have any questions about this form or the E&I Agreement with Staples Business Advantage, please contact your Member Relations Representative or Robert Cutler, Portfolio Support Executive by email at

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