Tandus-Centiva Letter of Participation

Note: This letter of participation may be completed only by representatives of E&I member institutions. To determine whether your institution is a member, visit our Member Locator. To join E&I, complete a Membership Application.

To set up or transfer a Tandus-Centiva account number on the E&I Tandus-Centiva Agreement, simply enter the requested information in the form below and click the submit button. Members with existing Tandus-Centiva accounts must complete this form and, if possible, provide their existing account numbers in order to receive E&I contract pricing. To facilitate the change and assist you in disseminating the new E&I contract details, please provide the names and contact information of any other campus contacts (such as Residence Life, Facilities Managers, Planning, Design and Construction, etc) who will need to be informed. These individuals will be contacted and provided with program details.

Processing this form for a new account or transferring an existing account will take 3 to 5 business days to complete. You will receive an e-mail notification from Tandus-Centiva informing you that your account has been linked to the E&I Contract pricing. Your account will not convert to the E&I Contract until you receive the email notification from Tandus-Centiva.

If you are registered on the E&I website, you may login and any contact information we have will automatically populate the form. Or, you may complete a blank form from the public site.

If you have any questions about this form or the E&I Master Agreement with Tandus-Centiva, please contact your Member Relations Representative or Tina Smith by email at tsmith@eandi.org.

By completing the form below, your Institution is requesting to be enrolled in the program.

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