Designing for Human Behavior in Higher Education Spaces

Conducted on: Thursday, February 20, 2020 @ 2PM (ET)

Sponsored by: E&I Cooperative Services | Presented by: AGATI Furniture
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What do 30+ years of behavior and work patterns look like in the educational space, and how can your interior design reflect these patterns? Listen to this webinar, as we discuss the challenges and solutions for addressing human behavior in your design.

Designing for public spaces means considering the distinct ways in which humans behave in crowds and around unfamiliar people. What are the idiosyncratic, repetitive behavior patterns we see in educational spaces? To maximize the effectiveness of a design, one must keep these behavior patterns in mind.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of human behavior in the context of public educational spaces
  • Understand the unique & varying ways humans interact with furniture & space
  • Explore work & usage patterns that typically emerge in public spaces
  • Discover furniture & design concepts that best address how people behave in these spaces

Our Presenters:
Joe Agati, Jr., Director of Design and CIO at AGATI Furniture

Who Should Participate?
Facilities, Purchasing, Interior Design, & anyone who manages a high-volume, public educational space

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