Green is the New Black – Changing the Environmental Outlook in America

Conducted: Wednesday, January 30 @ 2:00 PM Eastern

Presented by ANTOS | Sponsored by E&I Cooperative Services

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There is no doubt in these times of climate change and heightened environmental awareness that educational institutions face an ever-changing list of challenges that impact day-to-day operations in a big way. Join us for this 50-minute webinar and learn how change in behavior can change the way your institution operates in reducing environmental output while containing expense.

Discussion topics include:

    • Current environmental challenges in the US
      • New regulations, recycling restrictions, landfill capacity, food waste / production, pollution, and more
    • What does this mean for your institution?
      • Social responsibility
      • Cultural / operational change
    • How institutions may benefit (or not)?
      • Maximize efficiencies/improve culture
      • Reduce environmental footprint
      • Cost avoidance
    • How to make a difference?
      • Lead by example
      • Create baselines/drive metrics
      • Raise awareness

Tony Schifano, CEO & Founder, ANTOS Environmental

Who should participate?
Facilities, Procurement, Administrators, Teachers

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