Scientific Team

E&I Scientific Strategy TeamMission

The primary focus of the E&I Scientific Strategy Team is to contribute valuable advice and expertise in endeavors that address current and future strategies for institutional procurement of science supplies. The team was created in 2007 in direct response to the recommendation of the E&I membership and includes representatives from many of the country’s top research institutions. The team meets via teleconference an average of every three weeks, and in person twice a year.

Team Members

Michael Durica – University of Pittsburgh
Bob Johnson – University of Michigan
June Lombardi – The Scripps Institute
Greg Mosley – Washington University, St. Louis
James Murphy – Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Greg Smith – Colorado State University
David Staskin – University of Pennsylvania
David Thompson – University of Kansas
Tim Geary – The Stowers Institute for Medical Research

E&I Scientific Strategy Team Contact

Laura Perin, Vice President, Scientific Category