Technology Team

E&I Technology Strategy TeamMission

The E&I Technology Strategy Team contributes valuable advice and expertise in endeavors that address current and future strategies for institutional procurement of technology related products and services. The team was created in 2007 in direct response to the recommendation of the E&I membership. The team, which includes representatives from many of the country’s top institutions, meets via teleconference an average of once a month and meets in person typically twice a year.

Team Members

Amir Dabirian – California State University – Fullerton
Jim Edwards – Xavier University
Justin Guggenmos – University of Missouri – Kansas City
Rick Haugerud – University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Jeff Highley – Morehead State University
Raymond Hsu – University of Washington
Carol Smith – Depauw University

E&I Technology Strategy Team Contact

Cathy Goglia, Contract Manager – IT