SAP Concur Brings Spend Visibility, Consolidation & Savings to the University of Pittsburgh

Project Overview

Travel and expense (T&E) management represents a unique challenge for many higher ed institutions. Outdated processes and systems often result in time and cost inefficiencies, and provide little transparency into spend data. For Emily Duchene, Travel Program Manager at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), addressing this challenge was a top priority. Pitt implemented an automated solution through E&I partner SAP Concur – and began its journey toward T&E management success.

E&I's Concur Success Story

The Situation

The travel booking and expense process at Pitt was unsystematic and disconnected, with travelers utilizing three different travel agencies and booking through disparate methods. In terms of expenses, some information was entered manually, some was submitted electronically, and none of this spend was being consolidated. The University was in need of a streamlined solution that provided automation, stronger reporting capabilities, spend visibility and consolidation.

The SAP Concur Solution

Emory and America to Go (ATG) collaborated on sustainability goals for the catering program and worked together to further develop ATG’s platform. The four key co

As a leader in the education marketplace, SAP Concur helps schools address reporting and data visibility challenges through an automated, connected system. SAP Concur pulls together information from travel, expense, and invoice to deliver a complete picture of user initiated spend through reports and dashboards. This visibility allows for increased compliance, accurate planning, greater efficiency, more leverage in vendor negotiations, and stronger traveler safety in the event of a crisis.

SAP Concur provides Pitt users with a connected experience from request to travel, travel booking, and expense reporting. There are no longer disparate systems for these areas, not only benefiting the back office from an efficiency and visibility standpoint, but also benefiting the end-user with a smoother and simpler experience. Additionally, the University went from three travel management companies to just one – Anthony Travel.

mponents of ATG’s work with Emory include:

  • Step One: Specifying Standards – Emory identified specific goals involving catering, including achieving zero landfill waste at all University events and having all University functions free of plastic bottles and Styrofoam by 2025.
  • Step Two: Assess Compliance – ATG conducted a vendor survey with current and prospective vendors to identify if they met Emory’s sustainability standards. This outreach also focused on encouraging these vendors to increase and improve their sustainability practices.
  • Step Three: Platform Enhancements – ATG worked with Emory to highlight sustainability caterers on its platform with a number of customizations including: a Sustainability Highlight tile that provides initiative information, a Zero Waste Filter that allows users to sort from the vendor listing accordingly, and Thank You Language on the order text that reinforces the initiative for both the user and the vendor.
  • Step Four: Reporting – Emory was the first institution to roll out ATG’s user-specific sustainability dashboards, which report initiative spend directly on the user’s landing page. If the user’s spending is down, mouse-over language encourages them to place future orders with a participating vendor. Emory also utilizes ATG’s tracking feature to monitor progress and identify potential methods for improvement.

The E&I SAP Concur contract is a benefit for any higher ed institution looking to streamline their travel processes and gain increased visibility into travel spend.

How It Works

Pitt is currently using SAP Concur Travel and Expense for its travel and business expense reimbursement, including TripLink for improved visibility and Request to gather pre-trip details.

“The Request feature has enabled us to go from paper to an electronic approval form, and this automation has significantly streamlined our process,” Emily explained. “It’s also provided both travelers and arrangers with pre-spend control over expenses, helping these individuals stay within their departmental budgets, since they can see this spend before travel takes place – not after it has been expensed.”

Pitt now has increased visibility into the destinations travelers are visiting most frequently, the airlines they’re using, car rentals and/or car share programs they’re utilizing, and the hotels that are most highly preferred. The goal is to put out an RFP for hotels in those highly traveled cities to drive additional savings.

“We’re looking at airfare that is booked and expensed through the SAP Concur online system and Anthony Travel agents versus what wasn’t booked through these systems,” Duchene explained. “Ultimately, we’re aiming to move everyone over to Anthony Travel and SAP Concur, consolidating all of this spend and maximizing our opportunities.”

The SAP Concur Difference

With a focus on the education industry, SAP Concur has dedicated teams in sales, account management, business development, marketing, and implementation services that offer specific higher ed knowledge to best support clients. The organization’s implementation team has developed a methodology based on common best practices learned over many higher ed applications. SAP Concur has also invested in the creation of a higher ed customer advisory board to provide advice and guidance as industry needs and challenges evolve.

The University of Pittsburgh implementation was executed much quicker than many comparative projects, based in large part on the fact that the University had a documented vision for their T&E program which resulted in clarity of purpose, excellent executive sponsorship, and talented function/technical resources. Of course, the SAP Concur implementation team also contributed to that success.

According to Emily, “We had an amazing implementation team from Concur that was extremely knowledgeable and readily available to support us throughout the process. We’ve since transitioned to a customer support team and these individuals are just as attentive in helping us address any challenges and deal with any issues. Overall, our experience with all of our SAP Concur representatives has been overwhelmingly positive.”

For their part, Anthony Travel assisted with the building out of the SAP Concur travel piece of the implementation, which included assisting in securing airline discounts for the launch and working with the local Pittsburgh hotels to have all the University preferred rates loaded in the booking tool. Anthony Travel also provided SAP Concur travel training to the campus travelers and arrangers.

“The E&I SAP Concur contract is a benefit for any higher ed institution looking to streamline their travel processes and gain increased visibility into travel spend. Travel is typically an overlooked area in many organizations, however, it often represents a significant amount of spend. SAP Concur has helped us uncover new opportunities for savings and maximize the benefits available through this increased visibility.”


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