Facilities Perspectives

Q1 2023


[Podcast] Supplier Diversity & Holistic Value Creation

Dive deep into supplier diversity and how it holistically impacts schools, universities, and the communities in which they operate.


New Contracts for Restoration & Disaster Recovery Services

E&I members now have access to specialty restoration and recovery services from First OnsiteGRS Disaster Recovery, and Stuart Dean.

Supplier News

Is Your Vehicle Fleet Ready for Winter? 

As the temperature drops, the batteries in your fleet vehicles have a much harder time performing, making them far more likely to fail. 

PPG Services for Educational Facilities 

PPG Services, powered by Paintzen project management technology, helps facility managers manage the painting of their facilities.

Metal Restoration: Combining Applicator Expertise with the Correct Material Choice

Aesthetically impaired and degraded metal surfaces? Help is at hand!

Being Safe Means Being Seen: Make Sure That Your Maintenance Crew is Visible at All Times

Ferguson offers a wide selection of high visibility apparel. Browse their check full selection of vests and more.

High Efficiency Filters are Here to Stay

According to ASHRAE, there has been no indication of change to the post-covid MERV 13 rating, and it looks like higher efficient filters are here to stay.

Top Modular Building News Stories from 2022

Check out the most noteworthy innovations in modular construction from the past year.


VERVE by E&I is an online service that delivers an easy and intuitive eProcurement experience across your entire campus.
Included at no cost as part of your E&I membership, VERVE is 100% turnkey and managed in full by E&I. Watch an overview.

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