Facilities Perspectives

Q2 2023


[Watch] Improving School IAQ & HVAC: ESSER Funding & Beyond 

How to effectively manage and improve IAQ and HVAC systems at your school using remaining ESSER funds and cooperative purchasing.


How to Develop Your Green Cleaning Program

Green cleaning can help your facility hit sustainability targets, improve health, and increase productivity. Grainger shares how to start.


Lowe’s Rebate Program Enhancement as of May 1, 2023

Lowe’s will be moving to a rebate-only option; all key fobs and online discounts will remain active until 4.30.23

E&I Facilities Contracts Available in VERVE 

Using the contracts you trust just got easier. Sign up for VERVE at no cost and access these contracts in our facilities portfolio.  

Supplier News

Make Your Campus Disaster-Ready with Preplanning and Trust

Partnering with a restoration team to build an ERP puts the focus on prevention and quickly restores campus life.

Intelligent Building Technologies Services for Your Building’s Lifecycle

This strategy is based on the premise that when all building data is brought together, the solutions to your challenges are right at your fingertips.

GRS Disaster Response is Prepared to Support Educational Facilities

Having a pre-loss agreement allows your facility to recover quickly from an unexpected disaster.

Download eBook: Everything You Need to Know About Modular Classrooms

Find out how versatile modular construction is, see real examples from schools, and learn why this could be perfect for your next project.

HVAC Changes That Will Impact E&I Members

CE can help make sure you are prepared.

Beautify Your Facility While Meeting Sustainability Goals

Restoring metal, stone, and wood surfaces and objects in your facility helps preserve the planet.

University Achieves Campus-Wide Sustainability Solutions by Implementing New, Simple Filter Program

How FC helped implement sustainable and cheaper filter program by changing the type of filters in units and having the right schedule.

Spring Cleaning is the Perfect Time to Restore Your Floors

Winter can make a mess of your floors, no matter where you are. Find tips to revive your flooring and extend its lifespan.

Is Your Roof a Good Candidate for Restoration? Take the Sustainable Approach

Don’t replace your roof until you have the facts. Here are eight questions to help you find out.

PPG University Outreach

Student programs presented by PPG’s technical and color experts.

Contract Highlight: Smart Device Repair from Batteries Plus

Save yourself the cost of replacing broken devices and reduce your electronic waste with Batteries Plus’s device repair services.  

Financial Results, Board of Directors Election & More
E&I presents its 2022 performance at this year’s annual
Stockholders’ Meeting

VERVE by E&I is an online service that delivers an easy and intuitive eProcurement experience across your entire campus. Included at no cost as part of your E&I membership, VERVE is 100% turnkey and managed in full by E&I. Watch an overview.

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