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Q1 2023


[Podcast] Supplier Diversity & Holistic Value Creation

Dive deep into supplier diversity and how it holistically impacts schools, universities, and the communities in which they operate.


Contract Highlight: GovDeals Solves Your Surplus Challenge 

E&I’s GovDeals contract makes selling surplus profitable and painless by using a sustainable solution driven by modern technology.

Supplier News

Managing Complex User-Driven Expenses Across a Changing Campus Landscape

Capitalize on the latest in AI with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your core apps and an intuitive interface to submit and track T&E.

Smart Lockers: The Future of Student Parcel Delivery

As the number of students and parcels grows, so does the need to modernize student parcel delivery. 

[Watch] Considering a First-Person View Drone for Your Campus or Classroom?

Watch this helpful overview of FVP drones and learn the benefits, important rules, and tips from B&H’s experts. 

University Leaders Need to Rethink Their Strategy for Creating Diverse Supplier Programs

DEI initiatives and economic value aren’t contradictory for organizations that adopt long-term, data-driven strategies.  

Rescreening – or Post-Employment Screening – and Monitoring with HireRight in the New Year

As the threat of a global recession grows, consider implementing a rescreening program to help mitigate ongoing workforce risks. 

White Paper: Driving Sustainable Brand Merchandise Procurement

90% of the potential to improve brand merchandise sustainability is in supply chain

Promotional Products

VERVE by E&I is an online service that delivers an easy and intuitive eProcurement experience across your entire campus.
Included at no cost as part of your E&I membership, VERVE is 100% turnkey and managed in full by E&I. Watch an overview.

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