Competitive Energy Procurement

Procurex Webinar: Competitive Energy Procurement – Reverse Auctions and Other Best Practices

Conducted on March 16, 2016

Presented by Procurex, Inc. and PRX Energy | Sponsored by: E&I Cooperative Services

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Yes, energy prices are currently low. But how long will the opportunity to buy low-cost energy last? And does your institution have a strategy to respond to rising prices in the future?

Join us for a 50-minute webinar that will focus on the fundamentals of today’s energy market and provide insights into where energy prices may be headed. Learn how valued E&I partner Procurex and PRX Energy can help ensure you have access to the right tools and expertise to manage volatile energy costs and realize savings in this substantial part of your institution’s spend.


Gregg Shively, President, PRX Energy

Greg Shively possesses extensive experience in the areas of energy market design, regulations and market price fundamentals. He and his colleagues created PRX Energy to develop and implement energy strategies that help educational and institutional clients minimize their energy spend by maximizing leverage in competitive markets. PRX provides a strong base of knowledge to help E&I members develop creative energy strategies to meet their goals and achieve continuous improvements in managing energy spend.

Discussion Topics:

  • The timing and structure of energy contracts to reduce and minimize energy budgets
  • The value of renewable energy in achieving cost reduction and meeting sustainability goals
  • Determination of long-term budget exposure to energy price volatility and secular price trends
  • Best practices for energy procurement and supplier management

Who should participate?

Purchasing and Procurement, Finance and Administration, Facilities

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Competitive Energy Procurement
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