Introducing a Special Discount Offer for Higher Ed Institutions on Box through our E&I CDW-G Cloud Services Contract

We are pleased to announce that E&I has teamed up with CDW-G to offer Box’s Higher Education program at a special discount for higher education institution members through our E&I CDW-G Cloud Services contract.  The Internet2 NET+ contract for Box ended this May, and current CDW-G Cloud Services contract pricing has been adjusted to meet or beat the Internet2 NET+ pricing.

The benefits of this exciting offer include:

  • Streamlined and enhanced contract that aligns with Box’s standard enterprise agreement (BSA)
  • Community negotiated terms and conditions in a Higher Ed Addendum for added security and ADA compliance
  • Security standards similar to or enhanced from the expiring Internet2 NET+ contract
  • Deeply-discounted pricing for campus-wide deployments
  • Access to optional add-ons at academic discounts
  • Ability to purchase on a per-user basis for partial campus deployments (previously unavailable through Internet2)
  • Ability to earn a rebate when annual E&I CDW-G Cloud Services contract spend exceeds $250K
  • Access to a CDW-G cloud client executive for a no-charge, pre-sales consultation

For those of you who are current Box customers transitioning off the legacy Internet2 NET+ contract to our enhanced CDW-G Cloud Services contract, our objective is to provide everything your institution needs to make the transition as quick and simple as possible. 

Cloud Content Management from Box

Box offers a cloud content management solution that empowers enterprises to revolutionize how they work by securely connecting their people, information and applications. Founded in 2005, Box powers more than 70 percent of the Fortune 500 and a growing number of colleges and universities.  In higher education, thousands of campuses have leveraged cloud content management from Box to modernize IT strategies, drive digital transformation projects, and power student, faculty, and administrative staff productivity.

Box’s Higher Education Program

With the NET+ program ending, Box has deepened its engagement with the community in order to respond to feedback and suggestions, and to ensure that campuses have access to the full suite of cloud content management capabilities. This year, Box expanded its Higher Education Advisory Board to include 16 colleges and universities that meet regularly in order to help steward the program and represent the community’s needs and interests.

Box has enhanced its engagement with the community with regard to security and compliance requirements, in addition to the contractual and purchasing framework updates. In September 2017, Box became the first cloud vendor to complete the Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT), and more recently updated it to the latest HECVAT 2.0. 

CDW-G’s Simplified Process

CDW-G streamlines the complexities of cloud solutions and simplifies the decision-making process. A dedicated Cloud Team provides value-added consulting and ongoing support, and is 100% focused on recommending, architecting, and deploying these solutions.

For more information on this special discount offer through E&I’s CDW-G Cloud Services contract, visit the CDW-G microsite or contact Keith Fowlkes, Vice President, Technology Category:, (859) 516-3571, or Michael Mast, Portfolio Support Executive:, (480) 414-4401.


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