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E&I understands that our members are facing new, complex challenges that must be overcome while adhering to evolving guidelines, tighter budgets, and limited resources.

We’ve created this comprehensive tool to help you navigate the ways in which our contracts may be able to help you in this next normal. To get started, simply click the challenge that most closely aligns with the needs of your institution. You will then be directed to the solutions from our contract portfolio that best fit your needs.

Our institution needs to…

Schools offering in-person classes must assure students, faculty, administration and parents that they have made all necessary changes and have taken extreme precautions to make campuses safe, including PPE, cleaning, air treatment, regular sanitizing, social distancing, health center supplies, food, and transportation, among others.

Online learning/teaching will become an increasingly important aspect of education at all levels. Schools will need the appropriate hardware, software platforms, and training to ensure access and deliver a seamless student experience.

COVID-19 has significantly increased the financial pressures on all schools. In addition to cooperative purchasing, other methods of reducing expenses include servicing/repairing/renting equipment instead of purchasing new, process automation, negotiating new pricing/terms, outsourcing, and others.

COVID-19 has created various supply chain issues, requiring institutions to consider the ideal number of suppliers in their portfolios, domestic vs. overseas suppliers, optimal stock levels of PPE, lab supplies and other critical items, as well as safe delivery procedures.

The need for social distancing requires schools to reconfigure their current spaces – classrooms, residences, dining, athletic, labs, social, and others – to ensure everyone on campus is protected from any potential virus spread. This may involve new construction, renovations, redesign/layouts, new furniture/furnishings, barriers, and other projects.

Many teachers and staff  are working/studying remotely. It is important for them to be equipped to perform effectively by providing what they need in terms of hardware, software, IT support, communications, conferencing, document management, payments, furniture, and supplies.

To fill the financial gap due to reduced enrollment, philanthropy, and investment returns, schools may be able to generate revenue through methods such as licensing, sponsorships, alternative funding/financing sources, longer credit terms, alternatives to athletic/entertainment events, and space rental, among other means.

The pandemic has underscored the importance of moving from manual to digital processes. The solutions to enable this digitization include imaging, ERP, electronic fund transfers, digital phone switches, electronic signature software, approval processes, e-procurement, and even robotics and AI.

For many schools COVID-19 has highlighted critical gaps in their emergency preparedness plans. Additionally, these schools may face a number of potential crises moving forward including future pandemics, natural disasters, terrorism, and scandals. Consulting with external experts in these areas will ensure proper preparation and contingency planning.

Athletic programs are a significant revenue source for many schools. For others, these programs are a key aspect of the student experience. All schools will need to reevaluate these athletic programs and the facilities used for training and fitness. Solutions may include reconfiguration/repurposing of space, sanitization equipment, testing and supplies.

Whether welcoming students from abroad or sending students overseas for study, schools will need to develop new policies, secure travel insurance, obtain proper documentation and immunizations, establish “duty of care” procedures, arrange travel, and coordinate moving/relocation services.

Many institutions are looking to reposition themselves in response to various issues raised by the pandemic. These schools need to revise their messaging to current students, potential students, parents, alumni, and other constituencies. Now more than ever your institution can benefit from brand and marketing experts to help you attract and retain students while differentiating your school from the competition.

Are you facing a challenge that you don’t see on this list? We want to hear from you. Share the details and let us find the right solutions for you.