E&I Awards Contract to Bottom Line Concepts

Agreement will help E&I members reduce utility costs

May 12, 2020 – E&I Cooperative Services (E&I) and Bottom Line Concepts (BLC) have signed a contract that will help drive cost savings for E&I members on electric and gas expenses. E&I members in higher education and K-12 can now take advantage of BLC’s consultative approach to significantly reduce their spend on utility bills.

“In a time when educational institutions are experiencing an enormous strain on their budgets, finding savings wherever possible is critical,” said Saul Alvarado, Vice President, Facilities at E&I. “We are proud to offer our members the opportunity to find these savings with the experience of BLC.”

As a performance-based financial consulting firm, BLC has helped more than 1,000 organizations save over $500 million on utilities costs. BLC has a proven track record of driving between 10-30% savings on utility costs. E&I members who use the contract incur no risk, upfront cost, or obligation to engage with BLC. The company will perform an analysis per member request and is only paid via percentage of recovered funds when those savings are refunded.

“While students are being temporarily homeschooled, we are all planning for the day when schools can safely reopen,” said Josh Fox, CEO and Co-Founder of BLC. “Through our new contract with E&I, if we can reduce costs now, this money can be put to good use when we return to some sense of normalcy.”

Through this new agreement, BLC will bring E&I members the insight, technology, and expertise needed to reduce their electric and gas expenses, resulting in measurable savings.

For more information about the E&I BLC contract, visit www.eandi.org/contracts/bottom-line-concepts.

About E&I Cooperative Services
E&I Cooperative Services (E&I) is the only member-owned, non-profit purchasing cooperative solely focused on serving education and related facilities. E&I delivers expertise, solutions, and services through a diverse portfolio of competitively solicited contracts. By leveraging the knowledge and purchasing power of its nationwide membership, E&I helps higher education and K-12 institutions reduce costs, optimize supply chain efficiencies, and save time on the RFP process. The Cooperative’s member-driven competitive solicitation process has been validated by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) as complying with generally accepted procurement standards. For more information, please visit www.eandi.org.

About Bottom Line Concepts
Bottom Line Concepts (BLC) is a no-risk, contingency-based cost savings company. BLC negotiates on behalf of their clients to obtain the best prices possible from existing vendors. BLC will audit old invoices for errors to help clients receives refunds and credits. Their goal is to increase the profitability and overall valuation of each client’s organization. For more information, visit www.bottomlinesavings.com.


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