Avoid Technology Hardware Delays Caused by Global Chip Shortages

| by Michael Mast, Business Development Manager, Technology at E&I Cooperative Services

Anywhere you look online these days, you can’t help but notice articles covering the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage. Its impact on global supply chains is widespread for technology hardware, affecting everything from computers, printers, and tablets to smartphones, Chromebooks, and other devices.

What started in 2020 as delays linked to increased product demand due to COVID-19 has spiraled into what’s now being termed the “Great Chip Shortage of 2021.”

The Challenge

While this is a challenge for end users who want to upgrade to the latest technology, it is especially troubling for industries that rely on having equipment onsite at specific times for personnel and customers. For education, the time is the start of the semester, and the technology consists of PCs, laptops, printers, mobile devices, and other hardware for staff, faculty, and students.

E&I Technology Suppliers Can Help

E&I’s technology suppliers, including CDW-G, Connection, SKC Communications, and others, have been working with members on this ongoing issue since it began in 2020.

Our hardware suppliers have seen extended lead times to complete the manufacture of equipment of all types, including custom built panels, larger sizes, and now standard devices as well. They have been impacted by this heightened product demand, which has resulted in ongoing order backlogs.

To help lessen the impact of this shortage, our suppliers are recommending that you place your orders now to help ensure that you have the technology hardware you need in-hand before the start of the fall semester.

Get Started

Don’t get caught in the technology hardware order backlog for the coming semester due to the “Great Chip Shortage of 2021.” Contact our technology hardware suppliers and get started today.

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