Quick-Turn Hybrid Learning Upgrades at Prairie View A&M University

| by Columbia Advisory Group

In May of 2020 it started to become evident that the COVID–19 pandemic was not going to be defeated quickly. At that time, many education experts, parents, and students began to realize that typical classroom learning environments were not going to be sufficient for the foreseeable future.

PVAMU Contacts CAG for Distance Learning Support

Columbia Advisory Group (CAG) was contacted by PVAMU’s Deputy Chief Information Officer Midhat Asghar and his team for an immediate and cost-effective solution to this challenge within their campus learning environments. PVAMU had identified over 200 traditional classroom environments in urgent need of distance learning solutions. Since just about every other educational institution in the country was in this situation, CAG needed to act quickly to design, procure, implement, and test all of the planned distance education/remote learning classroom systems before the start of the upcoming semester.

CAG’s Recommendations

CAG’s team recommended a Logitech Rally video conferencing system and compatible accessories. Since this type of audio/video equipment was flying off of the shelves of all major manufacturers, we knew we had to assure supplies quickly in order to meet the needed timeframes for installation. Due to our deep relationships with key suppliers including Logitech, CAG was able to quickly reserve an adequate supply of equipment.

Since CAG’s AV technical team is scaleable, we were able to provide a team of twelve installers, an onsite project manager, and qualified support personnel to achieve the completion deadline of July 31, 2020, less than 60 days in total to complete and test 200 classrooms. We worked closely with PVAMU’s on-campus warehouse and purchasing team to meet the tight turnaround.

This spirit of cooperation, coordination, and communication between CAG and PVAMU staff, resulted in a very efficient, smooth, and extremely successful project in a very compressed time period.

“Crash Cart” Specifications

Due to the urgent nature of the 200+ classroom upgrade project, we nicknamed the mobile versions of the AV stations distance learning “crash carts.” In spaces where a permanent install isn’t feasible, the carts provide immediate remote learning systems for educators to use. The same technical equipment makes an affordable permanent installation or mobile solution. This built-in flexibility will serve PVAMU regardless of how the equipment is used/deployed moving forward.

If your institution would like assistance with hybrid classroom installations or other AV needs, please contact Dick Mitchell, VP Business Development at 214-394-5394 or dmitchell@columbiaadvisory.com.

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