Fast Facts

Want to learn more about your Cooperative? Check out this quick breakdown of E&I by the numbers and see what makes us unique.

Journey to Savings

When embarking on your journey with a purchasing cooperative, it’s important to know a few things before hitting the road. Make sure your cooperative:

  • Understands the unique needs of education
  • Offers a diverse portfolio of high-quality competitively solicited contracts from market-leading suppliers
  • Has the resources to provide you with the customer service & individual attention you deserve
  • Can connect you with your peers & other industry subject matter experts
  • Delivers cost savings & added value through its contracts

School Safety Map

Ensuring the safety and wellness of students, staff, and visitors is a challenge that touches every corner of higher ed and K-12 campuses. E&I’s portfolio of competitively solicited contracts can help.

School Security Map

E&I business partners offer an extensive portfolio of diverse security solutions. This includes products and services that can help lock down doors and entranceways, provide surveillance, biometric and alarm systems, and even IT consulting and cybersecurity services.