E&I Consulting Group Achieves Certification in SciQuest PartnerSelect Program

E&I Consulting Group is pleased to announce that several staff members have successfully completed certification in the SciQuest PartnerSelect Program, which is designed around:

  • Engagement Manager
  • Technical Consultant
  • Solutions Consultant

E&I Consulting Group staff members have attained certification in all three categories.

Certification in the SciQuest PartnerSelect Program provides unique skills and training to help partners and customers achieve the next level of efficiency across the entire procurement cycle. Certification includes in-depth source-to-settle platform training on the SciQuest Spend Director platform. This includes core product and process comprehension, best practices, and cross-product implementation skills.

“The SciQuest PartnerSelect Program is a great offering for SciQuest partners like E&I Consulting,” said Vince Patriarco, Executive Director at E&I Consulting Group. “We’re fully invested in our commitment to helping clients with the e-procurement selection process. We want them to have maximum success with their implementations. The structured and intuitive PartnerSelect Program has allowed us to train our staff – from Senior Consultants to Implementation Managers, Project Managers and beyond – in a common and consistent manner. They are therefore adept at delivering SciQuest solutions from a consultative, implementation, and technical perspective,” he continued. “Selecting the solution is very often the right thing, however the real success and ROI is achieved through how it’s implemented and rolled out to users. The training we’ve received positions us uniquely to help our client institutions in higher education.”

The SciQuest Partner ecosystem aims to deliver customer value beyond cost savings through shared innovation and a world-class source-to-settle solution. E&I Consulting is committed to SciQuest and the success of our shared client base. For more information on E&I Consulting and our Technology Optimization Service, please contact Vince Patriarco, Executive Director, at (607) 753-1473 or vpatriarco@eandiconsulting.org.

About E&I Consulting Group

E&I Consulting Group is a consulting and professional services firm focused on procurement optimization in the educational marketplace. Through a range of integrated services, we help schools and universities drive enterprise value across their entire supply chain. This then becomes more strategic so that they can accomplish more for less, drive down costs, and maximize operational efficiencies. For more information, visit: eandiconsulting.org.

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E&I Consulting Group Certified in SciQuest PartnerSelect
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